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PosZAP - Quick and easy Point of Sale

PosZAP is the ideal point of sale system for you cafe, small bar or food restaurant. We provide a light weight, easy to use and simple POS that helps streamline your business.

The reporting backend makes getting useful data for your business easy. We focus on being a point of sale that grows with you and gives insights into your business.

Why a point of sale system?

Increased Efficiency

Reduce checkout times and streamline your sales process when processing a customers order.

Order Accuracy

Minimize errors when processing orders like price discrepencies.

Customer Management

Manage customer accounts quickly and efficiently.

Accurate & Realtime Reporting

Produce power and meaningful insights into your business in real-time.

Simplified Accounting

Reduce time wasted daily, weekly or monthly producing sales figures.

Receipts and Tax Invoices

Provide customers with professional looking receipts at the time of sale.

With PosZAP you can streamline many of your daily processes. As you grow, effieciency is your strength.

Our goal is to make your life easier.

Easy to use

Easy for you and your staff to learn and use.


Intuitive design and customised sale options to suit your fast paced business.


Only features you need. None you don't.

Priced fairly

Value for money software, starting from $45 per month

PosZAP features at glance

Unlimited products and Groups

No limit on the number of products or the number of groups you have.

Product variants

Add up to 4 variants to a product - eg Coffee Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large with individual pricing

Product options

Add unlimited options to an item like an Extra Shot or Almond Milk to a Coffee item

Mulitple payment options

Define your own payment options including accounts

Print options

Different print destinations with defined number of copies per group are supported

Flexible discounts and pricing

Apply discounts or edit pricing on the fly.

Backend reporting

Full spectrum reporting on sales by day, product, group. Trigger reports to email to you automatcially.

Powerful insights into your sales data

Get real-time insights into your sales, customers and peak times. All your data is live and easy to read.

- real time sale info

- visual reporting

- sales insights New

Flexible item options

You sell in many ways, so we have flexible sales modifiers for every item.

- add variants to a product

- multiple item options

- edit item prices on the fly

- easily increase or descrease a quantity

- line notes


Free $45/mo
  • Unlimited products (max 5)
  • Unlimited groups (max 1)
  • Product variants ✔
  • Product options ✔
  • Mulitple payment options ✔
  • Print options ✔
  • Flexible discounts and pricing ✔
  • Backend reporting suite ✔
  • 1 terminal ✔
  • Unlimited products ✔
  • Unlimited groups ✔
  • Product variants ✔
  • Product options ✔
  • Mulitple payment options ✔
  • Print options ✔
  • Flexible discounts and pricing ✔
  • Backend reporting suite ✔
  • 1 terminal ✔
  • Additional terminals $5/mo ✔
  • Unlimited email support
  • Try for free

    Changing from an existing system?

    No problem - let us know and we can take care of the conversion for you.

    Our vision

    PosZAP was created to support small operators to input and track sales in the fast paced hospitality environment. Our software is simple and straightforward. From initial input of your menu and products, the software will be customized to suit your business.

    Daily operation is intuitive through the use of touch screens and will produce dockets. End of day reconciling provides you with real time sales reports.

    We believe software should work for you and be a silent partner requiring minimal time and upkeep.

    Who we are

    We are a proud South Australian owned and operated software design and development company. We strive to create simple products that make doing business easier for our clients. We want to see the business of our clients grow and we are here to work with you.

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